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On losing my iPhone

The last time my iPhone 5 was lost/stolen was in December and I replaced it immediately with an iPhone 5s. Now it is August. My iPhone 5s was stolen. Moral of the story is buy phone insurance that covers lost/stolen phones and don’t go to strip clubs. I never learned if the moral of the story is not to go to the home of the person who stole your phone based the location on Find My Phone app. Everyone told me “it isn’t safe” and “don’t go”. Oh well, life isn’t fair but I’m going to complain about it anyways.

On online dating

I’ve been online dating on and off for a few months now, almost a full year. People expect me to have crazy stories about weirdos and creeps, but I don’t have any. I assume it’s because I have a screening process. It’s not even a real process. I don’t use any third party websites that does background research on these online guys (I just found out these sites exist!). All I really do is evaluate vibes, based on content, grammar, and use of abbreviations.

Dating is difficult. No one’s ever told me that before. Finding someone is hard, yes, I knew that. But the actual process of dating is also hard. The constant selling of yourself, opening up to strangers, getting to know someone in a short amount of time, and deciding whether there’s a possibility of a relationship. Rinse and repeat. It’s tiresome. And that’s why when you online date, it’s only possible to do it on and off.

Student debt crisis

I just read the Buzzfeed article entitled 17 Confessions That Perfectly Sum Up Your Student Debt Struggles, which features a small collection of Whisper confessions.  The article annoyed me on many points.  So much that I will spend the next 10 minutes explaining what parts about the student debt crisis bothers me.  Let the rant commence.

"College was a terrible idea…40,000 in debt with a worthless degree…should’ve just gone to the military."

The only reason college students major in something they will get them a worthless degree is that they believe they are ‘following their passion’.  Children were raised to believe that they can be whatever they wanted to be.  That leads to a plethora of students who want to major in art, theater, psychology, etc.  Now they are $40,000 in debt with no secure job in sight.  Good job American education system for fostering a whole generation of unrealistic dreamers.

"I don’t want to go to college anymore.  I’m 3 years in, nothing to show for it and I’m $35,000+ in debt."

This person felt that going to college was the right thing to do.  In some parts of the US, primarily average to wealthy suburban areas, children are raised in an academic environment where college is expected after graduation.  Regardless of whether they know what they want to do at the ripe old age of 18, they are pushed by parents and teachers to get a college degree.  For some, this is the dream, no matter the cost or outcome.  But no longer is a college degree a golden ticket to a decent, stable job.  So no longer should high school students feel forced to go to college.

"I graduated in 1998 and finally paid off my entire student loan of more than $50,000.  No young adult in this great land of ours should be punished for an Education."

Opportunity has a price and it’s $50,000.  Going to college is a decision that someone made to ‘buy’ themselves more opportunities in life.  If you decide to go to college, you’re taking that financial risk.  Do your cost vs. benefit analysis before making life-altering decisions.

"I’m $150k in debt from college. I’ve been looking for a job for six months. I don’t know what to do."

Number one rule in life.  ALWAYS SEEK OUT MENTORS!  As an 18-year-old, never listen to your own advice.  You don’t know everything.  If you had asked anyone, they would have advised you against going to a private school and against getting a useless degree.

"After I graduate college, I’m donating my eggs so I can pay off the majority of my student loans."

My issue with this has nothing to do with college or student debt.  I just worry that if people are donating multiple eggs and sperm, that in the future, there will be lots of people that don’t realize they’re blood-related.  What if they make babies?  Or their babies make babies?  Sounds like a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

"I’m $40,000 in debt from school and failing all my classes."

Earning a college degree might be in one someone’s career plans, but why do students have to go straight out of high school?  Is it not better for them to go out into the real world, gain some experience, and THEN determine if college is right for them before they commit their time and money to it?  College is not for everyone.  Granted everyone wants to go to college because all the good jobs require a college degree.  Another note, it shouldn’t be encouraged for EVERYONE to get a college degree.  Why is Obama so focused on making higher education available to everyone?  What’s the point of having all these college-educated people working at fast food or retail?


  • Grandma: "You need to find a boyfriend."
  • Me: "Where am I supposed to find a boyfriend?"
  • Grandma: "In the newspaper."

Thank you Aaron Paul for recommending Netflix exclusive sitcom Derek. The eponymous character, played by Ricky Gervais, is an autistic caretaker at a small nursing home. It’s a feel good comedy-drama that reminds you that good people exist. Highly recommended to those who have lost faith in humanity. Even though it’s a TV show, the characters are not technically based on any real specific people, but all the people the represent are real. Show crush is Brett Goldstein.